How to untangle matted hair and remove tough buildup

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This video is for those trying to remove tough buildup, lint, knots, tangles and separate matted hair during braid removal. This usually occurs around the perimeter of your hair but in my case the dread-locked hair was on every single braid!!!! But with research and patience I saved my hair, with little to no breakage

Brief info about my hair situation:
1.Left my hair in for 3 months ( too long)
2. I didn’t dry my hair properly after washing sometimes.
3. I loaded my hair with heavy oil products (examples: castor oil, carols daughter loc butter, oil sheen etc;) that caused serious buildup.
If you want to moisturize after shampooing use a braid spray from your local beauty supply like “African Royale Braid sheen spray.”

Tools you will need for removal:
Things you will need:
1.) A tangle/dread removing cream
website where I purchased mine for .99 (fast shipment)
( I know the bottle says “tangle removing conditioner” but it is more of a cream… using a simple conditioner WILL NOT work, as well. This cream is specially made for people wanting to remove dreads and tough matted hair.
2.) Grape seed oil
3.) A rat tail comb ( With a metal pointed end)
4.) A LOT of patience

I also would like to thank the long hair care forum and for great tips and details to help me during this process.

Dread locks


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