Changing the mindset of what real beauty is and expanding beyond the standard stereo typical image. ALL women are Beautiful! The racist, sexist, and ageism needs to be put to an end. We as human beings put not only others but ourselves under a label, that we are far beyond. We are more than just a category!! Black people “drug dealers” Hispanics “illegal” Asians “can’t drive” Indians “taxi drivers” Caucasians “selfish” This is wrong! Why are we doing this to ourselves, let’s make a difference. Be the difference you wish to see in the world!!! #SincerelyLaila
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Weave that matches African American hair, looks like natural relaxed hair, and blends with natural black 4c hair blow dried. This coarse yaki kinky straight hair from Rosa Queen Hair Products is the best hair to match African American hair because it is the best type of hair extension for black women and is the closest human hair texture that matches my relaxed hair texture. I like this hair a lot because of the texture even though I have tried better quality silky hair. It does shed more than other hair types I’ve tried and it is more prone to tangling underneath because if the texture, but overall it is still my favorite hair type. Lengths: 18″ 20″ 20″
Here Shima Shares her Top 5 MAIN reasons why alot of Black Women have trouble growing long hair. Official Website:
Should I remove my dreadlock extensions and am I growing out my dreadlocks? I try to give you an update on my dreadlocks, and tell you what future plans I have with them in this video. W H O A M I? Hello my name is Elise and I am 22 years old. I live in Denmark and was born here. I’ve been a dreadhead for a little less than three years. I love fashion, decorating, thrifting, plants, nature, music and much more. Hit the red subscribe button if you want to get to know me better. B E M Y F R I E N D: Snapchat: EliseBuchh 🌟 Main Channel: 🌟 Twitter: 🌟 Instagram: 🌟 Facebook page: 🌟 Tumblr:
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I get asked more than anything about how I made my dreads, and if I could make a tutorial video, so here it is! Obviously there are many ways to make dreads.. whether you choose to start them off with a specific method or stop brushing and take the neglect route! This is just the best way I’ve found to make dreads specifically for the type of look I personally enjoy best 🙂 I’ve found that a lot of “how to” dreadlock videos don’t go into the important little details that pop up when making dreads. So enjoy my excessive dreadlock blab throughout the video (which will hopefully answer all those questions you might have throughout the process) ***PS**** A lot of comments asking about what hair I used for the dreads actually attached to my head in this video and where they can buy it/what brand it is. The hair on my head is my own hair! It’s all real, and has been dreaded by this method and growing in dreads for 3 years. Hope this clears some things up.
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