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In today’s video I’m going to be talking about where the lice and dirt hide within dreadlocks.

I don’t know about you, but for me one of the most annoying things about having my hair this way is the perception that some people have regarding their cleanliness. I’m a realist, I don’t expect everyone to actually… think, but it doesn’t stop me from getting frustrated either.

So here’s the thing, the vast majority of people with locked hair are pretty normal (within reason). There are people from all walks of life, economic, cultural and national backgrounds working in all different vocations around the world… and yet there are people who believe that what’s common between all of them is a complete rejection of hygiene norms. I actually find this quite interesting because for a lot of people locked hair is something they come to decide upon at a certain point in their life and therefore there’s the implication that at the same time you also decide you’re totally cool with dirt and bugs at the same time.

I consider myself to be a relatively normal guy, despite the outward appearance – I’d react as negatively to bugs, lice, dirt build up as the next person… and yet some people believe I’d just be totally chill with having that stuff within inches of my face. Nah.

So I’m stepping out today to have this teeny tiny rant because in my previous upload I attempted to just straight up demonstrate that: “hey look, it’s hair, just like yours”, when I dissected some dreadlocks to show what’s actually inside them. For the most part this was well received… but here’s a selection of some of the responses I got from people who despite not actually having had locked hair… living with locked hair inches from their face… having just had some locked hair dissected before their very eyes… they still know better:I had a number of people claim that because I was dissecting parts of dreads that I’d trimmed off previously, the lice would have had time to wander off – I could have mentioned that after trimming them off they were placed in a box until I shot the dissection video… but then they’d probably have just said the lice escaped… or died and turned to dust… or teleported.

Next up I had those who claimed I was dissecting the wrong dreads – I mean I did dissect two, but like, the bugs weren’t in those, they were in the other ones.

On the dirt front I was told that because I have hair the same colour as the dirt you wouldn’t be able to see it and that I’d need a microscope… ok then.

So you know, I had a little think – what else can be done here? To appease these criticisms what I’d actually have to do is brush out and dissect a whole dreadlock, root to tip – live, then I’d have to scan the whole thing with an electron microscope… and then I’d have to repeat the whole process for every single dread because you know the bugs are obviously going to be in the next one, or the next one or the next one. Eventually I’d be left there with a clean cut head, a pile of cut dreads and lose hair around me… and strangely enough, no lice, bugs or dirt – how do I know there’d be no lice, bugs or dirt? weirdly enough it’s because I live with them, again, inches from my face and I’m going to notice long before an anonymous stranger on the internet does, trust me – have you ever had headlice when you were a kid? Pretty noticeable right? Yup.

So yea, I’d go through all this, be left with just piles of hair and the people who originally criticised would either say I’m still missing something… or what I feel is far more likely… would just say they don’t actually care – because that’s the thing, in all likelihood, they don’t. The people that have the wild ideas about festering dreads, they’re not people who are going to lock their hair, they’re unlikely to be people that’ll ever even come into real contact with locked hair… they’re just people looking to get a rise out of you – and hey, they got a rant video out of me for it, but that’s not the point, as I said at the start – I rant so you don’t have to – the point is that you’re never going to be able to please everyone, or get everyone to understand things – look, there are people out there who still think the world is flat, so you just have to accept that you can’t actually explain things to everyone.

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