How To Make Dreadlocks – Twist & Rip Method!

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How to make dreadlocks / How to start dreadlocks using the ‘Twist and Rip’ method.

T&R Information:

Twist and rip, rip and twist, twist and pull, twist and tear… it goes by many names and despite the name, there is no ripping or tearing in involved (thankfully). Twist and rip (or T&R) is becoming one of the most popular methods for starting dreadlocks. It’s low on cost, low on difficulty and low on damage to the hair.

You will need:
Clean, unconditioned hair.

Sectioning & Thickness:
Salon Vs DIY:
Sectioned Vs Unsectioned:
Required Hair Length:
Considering Dreadlocks:
Preparing for Dreadlocks:

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Dread locks

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