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So apparently it’s been 10 years?

You know I really haven’t done one of these update videos in quite a while, but I figured we’ve reached a rather nice age now – a rather nicely rounded age… 10 years.

That’s right I first locked my hair just as I turned 15 and I have recently turned 25. Stop it life, you’re doing me a scare. But come on, 10 years, if that’s not worth giving this video a thumbs up, I’m not sure what is!?

I’ve had them so long now, or perhaps more accurately I’ve had them for such a large percentage of my adult life – if not my entire adult life, that they’re not normal to me. So people ask what it’s like to have them or to have had them for such an extended period of time and I can only shrug as I’m really no longer familiar with anything else.

So I’ve had them for 10 years, it’s been 10 years since I was last able to run a comb through my hair, but it’s not a straight 10 years of growth – often the cause of a lot of confusion, no doubt. Over the 10 years I’ve had dreads merge together, I’ve separated dreads out – my total number has changed from somewhere around 70 down to somewhere around 40 as they’ve been doubling up, but all along they’ve been growing. A lot of people really dig long dreadlocks – LONG dreadlocks and want them as long as possible… often these aren’t people who have very long dreadlocks. If I’d never trimmed my hair over the years… they would be long – I’ve had these since high school… they’d be rather unpractical by now. Instead I keep them trimmed to a manageable length… fortunately for my neck.

Something I’ve thought back to recently is when I started I had people ask, what I consider to be kind of a weird question, but they asked if they could have one of my dreadlocks when I cut them off… so this was when I was 15. Their faith in my commitment… not strong. Although I still get asked now how long I’m going to keep them… although I feel these days it’s less due to questioning the commitment and more due to… hmm, getting bored? Which is fair. I can appreciate that after 10 years of doing the exact same thing it can feel somewhat limiting and that’s certainly something to consider.

Anyway, my hair, 10 years down the line: started with backcomb back in 2007 – I never maintain it, I never crochet it, I never redo it, I never redo the roots as the hair grows. I have naturally thick, but straight hair and yet it still locks on its own with enough patience. I wash it, I dry it and a separate as and when it’s required… and for better or for worse, here are the results.

I’d like to thank you guys for stopping by and checking out this niche interest video – if it was your jam then do drop a like and consider subscribing for more – click the little bell icon next to the subscription button… because that’s what all the cool Youtubers get their subscribers to do… and I aspire to be cool too. I’m on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr, and I’ll see you around!


Dread locks

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