VERY DETAILED Box Braids Tutorial for beginners: Fast Crochet Method, QUICK! How To On Yourself

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How to do box braids on yourself faster, Gray ombre poetic justice box braids in two (2) to three(3) hours. Easy DIY: At home Crochet Box Braid Tutorial for beginners. Do it yourself: How to do big, jumbo box braids with weave extensions on yourself step by step. Fast, Easy, Quick, and beginner friendly. Crochet big box braids install with leave out, using pre braided crochet box braids with perimeter out, and a few individual braids. My new method. Best braiding pattern.
Gray box braids that are quick, fast and can be made into different styles, hairstyles for black women, whether you have short hair, long hair, natural African hair, thin hair, or relaxed hair. This method is also kid friendly and can be used for little girls and kids because it can be done much faster than traditional box braids. I used 4.5 packs of hair, so I would recommend 4 5 or 6 packs of hair.
These neat box braids were done by braiding cornrows and then crocheting on pre-made crochet box braid hair on to the cornrows. I include how to part your hair for these grey box braids. Gripping the roots seems hard at first, but is made easy with this method. I show the parting and braiding pattern and give step by step instructions on how to get quick easy jumbo box braids. You do not have to use too many box braids or put the box braids close together. It’s a lot faster because you do not have to braid each box braid all the way to the ends. I chose to braid my edges and along the top parting of my hair for more versatility, but this is completely optional. I have had a great experience with crochet box braids. They are easy to care for and make box braid take down fast. These box braids can last up too months, and as long as you don’t pull too much on hair, these box braids do not cause damage and can help your hair grow since it is a protective style meaning it promotes growth. These definitely grew my hair. You can also use this method for elegant hairstyles, designs, and styles such as a bob, you would just need to buy short hair. These premade crochet box braids are very convenient and come in many colors including gray ombre, burgundy, brown color 30 or 33, red purple 99J, or just plain black box braids. I used bobbi boss hair, but other kanekelon hair brands such as xpression sell box braid hair as well. They also have medium size and shoulder length and small box braids in addition to long big box braid crochets like mine. Doing box braids yourself on your own hair should be easy and quick after watching this large crochet box braid.

Hair Information:
Bobbi Boss: T1B50

Hair DIY Kit:
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