Short Box Braids: How To Style!!!

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Hey you guys! Welcome Back! This video is how to style the Moesha looking short box braids! I kept it simple and cute! Not a fan of the crazy do’s. Let me know what you think!

Hair: Kanakalon $ 1.99
Color: 1B
How: Burned tips with candle and also used a flat iron to close loose ends
Packs: 7 but I would get more than that next time. I recommend 9 or 10. I have a small head so idk what happened lol.
Cost: Got my hair done for free by a close friend.
Durability: Only kept them in for 3 weeks! But I could of kept them in a bit longer. I get bored lol.
Cons: My edges and the back of nape was braided too tight. Plus, Im tender headed! =( So make sure you let the person who is braiding your hair know not to braid it too tight.

Music: Need to find out lol will update

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