“Natural Hair Styles” – Box Braids with a Phony Pony

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Natural Hair Styles – Box Braids with a Phony Pony

For my Crowned Curly Challenge, I have been wearing my hair in a Box Braid Natural Hair Style!

After I styled my natural hair into box braids, there were plenty of natural hair styles that I could create at the drop of a dime. One of my favorite natural hair styles uses weaving hair to create a natural-looking bun in the back of my head. It’s quick, easy, and almost effortless! 🙂

In order to achieve this look, put your box braids into a small bun by using an ouchless hair band to tie up your Natural Hair. Next, brush out some wet&wavy hair to prep for style. I chose use 1/2 Pack of 8 inch dreamweaver indian afro. Because my hair was so short, I had to be very strategic in how I created my bun after the hair was attached. In order to attach the weaving hair to my bun, I begin to wrap and pin your hair until I felt that it was secure! To complete this natural hair style, I split the ponytail created by the weave ponytail in half and began to twist it downwards. I took the end of the chunky twist and tucked and pinned it to the base of the ponytail. For extra security, I placed a band around the BASE of the PONYTAIL as well!

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