HOW TO HIDE NEW GROWTH – box braids/twists

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More info below……

This was filmed back in October.
I will be taking my braids out this week.
My hair has grown a lot… stay tuned.

This video is like a part 2 of the “braids maintenance” video.This is how I hide the new growth along my hairline. I will sleep with my hair like this and style it as normal in the morning. I usually have to do this about twice a week, but it only takes about 5 minutes. However, this is my first time doing it with these braids, so I will update y’all on how often I do it.

Braids done by:
@princesschrishair or @christaykreme_ on Instagram
email her at

Instagram: _paaay
Twitter: YouLove_Payton

-Pretty Nappy xo

Dread locks

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