How Can White Girls Wear Box Braids? -Outre Expression Box Braid Wig

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I LOVE THIS WIG! Outre Expression Box Braid Wig #1. Let’s talk more about the fine line between cultural appropration and appreciation… READ: & You may or may not think I look cute with this hair style, that is your opinion, however please do not throw any shade based on my ethnic background. I 100% appreciate black culture, and all cultures, and would never intend to offend anyone and genuinely think black women and black culture is inspiring and beautiful. I am not trying to make braids a “white” thing, I am simply trying to enjoy a style I love. Much love, BrittWD x

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P.S. I mustve purchased the wig on sale, because the price has gone up, but I still say it is well worth the price! All the braids without all the time and hassle!

P.P.S. I literally threw this wig on out of the box, I did not style it or try to style my baby hairs to try and make it look more natural… so just imagine how amazing it would look once you put in the time to slay it !!!

Dread locks

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