7 Senegalese Twists/Box Braids hairstyles for the Lazy — Easy Romantic Styles!

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๐Ÿ˜ฒ Looking for quick and easy braids hairstyles for when you’re feeling lazy? Click for 7 Senegalese Twists/Box Braids hairstyles for the Lazyโ€”Easy Romantic Styles! Visit ChicLadyT.com for more info! Let’s get the first 100 likes!

Who wants to fuss with their hair when they have braids?! That somewhat defeats the purpose. Especially when you are always on the go. Whether its taking the kids to football practice, entertaining guest at the dinner party, leading team meetings at the office, visiting a museum with a date, or rushing to be on time for that biology class; we ladies wear many hats. That’s why we get Senegalese Twists/Box Braids in the first place! They make a great protective style and saves time on our hair routine. But the time saver can become a time killer if you spend too much effort on hairstyles. So, this video is for those chic ladies like myself who have lazy days but still want to shine! The braids hairstyles are quick and easy. And, there’s an added bonus: the braids hairstyles are also romantic/sexy. This will take anyone’s style up a few notches no matter where you are going!

โœ˜ Visit our article on this video in order to see information about the hair used in the video: https://chicladyt.com/2017/05/04/7-senegalese-twistsbox-braids-hairstyles-for-the-lazy

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