Why Won’t My Hair Grow Longer or Past A Certain Length?

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The discussion about growing African American hair long will be a discussion that never lays to rest! That’s not a bad thing because there is always something that we can learn about our hair even if we feel like we know it all. If we knew it all, there would be nothing to learn about our hair would there? Growing African American hair is easy and it does so without our consent like breathing. Let’s remember that your hair grows about 1/2 an inch a month (give or take for some) so hair will grow regardless if you cant get it to be as long as you hope. So when people ask the question..

“How can I make my hair grow?”

My answer is you can’t! -_- It Just happens! There are products you can use like essential oils, these oils encourage blood flow to the scalp which delivers more nutrients to your hair. The better question to ask is..

“How can I make my hair grow long and healthy?”

Now the answer to that question, will help you get exactly what you want. You want to know how to grow long healthy hair because there are some who have long hair but it is so brittle, thin, or/and unhealthy! Sooner or later, this hair will just whittle away. Below I will give you 5 hair tips that are a MUST to incorporate with your hair care routine. You will soon be on your way to growing long, healthy hair!

How To Grow African American Hair Long Hair Tips #1 Relaxed Hair Lacks Protein

When you chemically relax your hair, it can make dealing with your hair easier or tougher depending on the type of person you are and how you perceive your hair in certain states. As healthy as chemically relaxed hair can and does look healthy, relaxers are automatically damaging on hair but to combat the disintegration that chemical relaxers do to your hair strands, it is of urgent importance that you follow up with a protein and moisturizing treatment. Your hair is made up mostly of proteins and a relaxer disturbs the very compounds that your hair is made up of. Without going through these treatments after your relaxer or touch-up treatment, your hair is forced to fend for itself. Which in most cases, results in short hair.

Personally, I used to be relaxed years ago but I wasn’t a healthy relaxed person. I NEVER did protein or moisture treatments because I didn’t know I had to. I always over processed my hair as well by perming over already permed hair, purposely! I did not have a desire to master the relaxing process for my hair and that led me to grow my hair natural.

How To Grow African American Hair Long Hair Tips #3 Over Manipulation or Product Overkill

How many products do you have in your regiment. Right now, can you name the exact conditioner, shampoo, conditioning moisturizer, protein moisturizer, hair gel, and hair oil that you use? Or do you use whatever is on hand? Make sure that you have your basic products for your hair care regiment because a good formula of trusty hair products will encourage your black hair…

Also, over manipulating your hair is a big mistake. The saying 100 strokes a day is a lie! The less manipulation you do to your hair (hairstyles, combing, brushing) the more it retains length. African
American hair may look the strongest but because of the way our hair is, its bends and kinks make it fragile. Once you set your hair, please leave it alone, it’s like plastic fruit let it be good to look at.

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DISCLAIMER: All suggestions, tips, prizes, techniques and advice given are for informational purposes only and should be used at your discretion and best judgment. I highly recommend conducting strand tests when trying or using new products, hair appliances and product mixes. I am not responsible or liable for adverse or undesirable effects including hair loss, hair breakage or other hair/scalp/skin/body damage as a direct or indirect result of the suggestions, tips, prizes, techniques and/or advice given.

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