Why Does My African American Hair Look Dry? Top 6 Reasons Why Your Hair Looks Dry

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When figuring out how to fix your dry hair, it can either be a challenging or easy process depending on how simple or complicated your hair regimen may be. The more process and hair products you put your African american hair through, the more tough it is to diagnose such an infamous question..

“Why Does My Hair Look So Dry?”

The more you teach yourself how to care for your hair, the more your black hair is going to be able to handle manipulation through styling and handling. The thing we must keep in mind about black hair is that it wants gentle products and hair practices. Black hair is not complicated at all! We complicate black hair and expect it to cooperate regardless of what we do. Below I will give you my top 6 reasons why your relaxed hair or natural hair looks dry.

Why Your Black Hair is Dry Reason #1 Not Enough Protein or Moisture

Does your hair appear to be extremely elastic? What about if it feels very hard and brittle to the point where it breaks off? Making sure that your hair is balanced with protein and moisture is important. Figuring out how to achieve this does not require an in depth scientific experiment, you simply want to go by look and feel.
You need more protein in your hair if your hair feels gummy, limp, or too stretchy.
You need more moisture in your hair if it feels hard, brittle, and you happen to be experiencing breakage.

To restore moisture into my hair, I like to coat my hair in either olive oil or coconut oil with an intense 20 minute session under the Heautiful Hair Steamer. I also don’t have problems with protein so I do not use protein treatments to balance my hair, instead, I use Africa’s Best Braid Sheen Spray With Conditioner that I spritz on my hair about every other day, give or take.

Why Your Black Hair is Dry Reason #2 Your Hair is In Contact With Moisture Absorbing Materials

The main culprits that like to steal moisture from your hair are materials made of cotton or wool. The best preserver of moisture would be materials made of silk. Sleep on silk pillowcases or with a silk bonnet or hair scarf to prevent your cotton pillowcases from taking moisture from your hair. Also, make sure that your hair doesn’t brush against the shoulders of your clothes so much. This will cut back on the dryness that you may be experiencing with your hair.

Why Your Black Hair is Dry Reason #3 Using Sulfate Rich Shampoo Regularly

Please check your hair shampoo to make sure that it isn’t full of sulfates or anything else that may end in “ate” or “ates”. It is literally “eating” away at your precious hair as you robs you out of moisture with every wash. Using shampoos with sulfates in them are to harsh an unnecessary for African american hair since they strip away natural oils to the point of dryness. Use gentle shampoos like the hair shampoos recommended below.

I personally have two hair shampoo staples for my natural hair. Ever since I have been natural, I have always used Dr. Bronners Lavendar Shampoo for a regular shampoo and If I need a good wash because of mineral deposit or product build up on my hair, I use Organic Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo. These two shampoos below work best for my hair!

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