UPDATED! Rice Water Tutorial (Water Only Hair Washing)! Longer Captions/Title Display

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Water Only Hair Washing!
Rice Water Tutorial.

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Hey guys, so sorry for the delay! Computer issues…I “KNOW” this video goes by really fast….Haven’t learned the software yet! Hopefully my next vid will be a lot better…LOL!

So this is a very simple tutorial on rice water that I hope you guys will find helpful. After applying the rice water to my hair I let it sit for five minutes before rinsing it out. While my hair was still wet, I put my hair into two frontal bantu knots, until it fully dried. Once I took my hair down I was actually amazed at how strong my hair felt, it was shiny and super, super soft! I plan to use this in my regimen to see if I get consistent results. If so I’ll definitely do an update.

Benefits: Stops Greying, Stronger Softer Hair, Stops Hair Breakage & Improves Hair Elasticity! Use Organic Rice If You Can Find It!

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