Swang: Reniece’s Relaxed & Natural Hair Journey and Length Check

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I am still relaxer-free. I hope this video is inspirational to anyone who may be on a healthy hair journey. I hope you enjoy!

Question & Answer:
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Q)Where did you get the earrings that you are wearing in the video?
A)The Black Wood Oval Earrings were from the jewelry site of WestNDNbeauty here on YouTube – I can’t seem to find the website online now. The Chrome Snowflake Earrings are from BeBe. The Rhinestone and Black Hoop Earrings (called “Innocent”) are from Smoochesaccessories.com which is by Youtuber Muffinsismylovers.

Q) Are you accepting clients for protective styles and hair growth?
A) At the current time, our salon isn’t taking new clients but you can check out Tamika Bell at tamikabell.com. She is accepting new clients and is located in GA. She has been trained by me and she is an awesome haircare professional. She can help you grow your hair with protective styling.

Q) What did you use to edit your video?
A) I used both Keynote and iMovie on my Mac. I put in a ton of editing hours to get this completed but I really enjoyed working on this.

Q) What flat iron do you use?
A) I use FHI irons

Q) Where can you purchase the length check shirt or the KINKY HAIR GROWS shirt?
A) The length check shirt is from Hairlista’s Spreadshirt website and the KINKY HAIR GROWS shirt is from kibibihair.com or http://kibibihair.spreadshirt.com/

Q) How do you wear your hair now?
A) I have been keeping my hair protected mainly with weaves or wigs for convenience. I often tend to my hair underneath with great care. Since I’m so busy, it works for me.

Q) How long have you been natural?
A) It has been 5 years as of September 2011

Q) Do you plan to grow your hair longer than waist-length?
A) No, not at this time. I am content with reaching my ultimate goal of waist length. I have been trimming my hair.

Q) How long did it take you to get to waist length?
A) It took 4 years. I made it to waist length in Dec 2010 and maintained it through this summer

Q) What is your hair type?
A) It is type 4a

Q) Are you mixed?
A) No I am not mixed.

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