Straight to Super curly hair | Chopstick Tutorial

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Straight to super curly hair | How to. My hair is so straight but i LOVE curly hair! This is how i achieve the massive curly hair using Lee Stafford Chopstick styler, and for it to stay. It tends to drop and go straight when i curl my hair but this is how i keep it from dropping it.
I also used the best products for curly hair, to help it stay curly (for me) i find these work well for me personally.

Can’t get your hands on the Lee Stafford chopstick styler… Click here to see how to get these curls using chopsticks! :

Straight to super curly ON SHORT HAIR! Chopstick tutorial :

Products mentioned:
Vo5 Plump it up moose.
Loreal Matt & Messy Salt spray.
Touch of silver twice a week shampoo / Intensive treatment conditioner.
Lee Stafford chopstick curler styler:

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