RE-UPLOAD: How To: Quick Weave With HIGH PONYTAIL! (On Natural Hair)

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(Had to re-upload this because of the copyrighted music on the original video | 1.4M views on the original video)

Hey divas! I wanted to put some hair in, but didn’t want to have to wear it on my neck, so I did this quick weave with all my edges out! I can put it in a high ponytail for these hot days…Everything I used is listed below. Hope you enjoy!

-1 stocking cap
-bonding glue
-Bahamian coconut oil
-Human hair (#2 and #4) – this was hair that I used before, so I’m not sure exactly how much hair it was…roughly 1.5 – 1.75 packs of hair , 14″ and 12″.

Dread locks

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