Protein Treatment for Transitioning Hair DIY With Egg

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Asia wants to know what’s a good protein treatment for transitioning hair, she knows when she is in need of a treatment but she has a hard time finding a staple protein treatment that will work for her two different textures.

Hair Tip #1 Only Apply Protein Treatment to Relaxed Hair to avoid Protein Overload Roots

Apply your protein treatment only to your relaxed hair even if you are transitioning and you are not 100% relaxed. Its also advisable to overlap a little bit of your protein treatment on some of your natural hair to make sure that you have treated your line of demarcation. Line of demarcation is the point of divide to which your natural hair and relaxed hair meet.

Hair Tip #2 For Intense Protein, Look for Ingredients Like Hydrolyzed Protein, Keratin, or Wheat Protein

Protein Treatments Rated 5 Stars (BEST RATINGS)
Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein For Hair
Keratin Hair Treatment
Protein Hair Treatment

Any protein product in concentrate should be diluted with a leave in conditioner for a non-stiffening treatment.

Hair Tip #3 Formulate Your Own Protein Treatment at Home with Egg or Milk as a Base

If you need a mild protein treatment, using ingredients like hydrolyzed wheat, hydrolyzed keratin, or hydrolyzed protein in general for that matter is not necessary. Make your own DIY homemade natural hair protein treatment which can also be used as a natural hair protein treatment or a relaxed hair protein treatment. Additionally in place of milk, you can also substitute yogurt for a Greek Yogurt Protein Treatment.

Greek Yogurt

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