Natural Colored Hair – Bleaching and Coloring Natural Hair Purple

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I FINALLY dyed my hair purple!!!! I bleached it with a 40 developer (which i know now is not recommended) and used a toner (which did absolutely nothing to my hair).

I am using Manic Panic vegan hair dye. I used Virgin snow as a toner and ultraviolet as the purple dye.

My hair is very dry and i use alot of moisturizing products constantly.
For the record. I am not a professional hair stylist.
This is MY HAIR and i am experimenting with MY HAIR on MY HEAD. I am not telling anyone who watches this to do the same.
I am experimenting and i know I’m not doing alot of things right.
Learn from my mistakes rather than bash me for trying to copy what I am doing.
if you leave a negative comment down below i will either remove it,report you or ban you from my channel. good day.

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PLEASE !! Tell me what I should improve on. I’m still trying to get the hang of this YouTube thing. haha
music: Epic Trap Mix 2013 by TheICENetwork
FTC: I am not affiliated or sponsored by any companies mentioned in this video. I am not getting paid for it and I bought everything with my own money. I am a strong independent black woman. Lol


watch these failed attempts:




Filmed and Edited by me 🙂

Geek Info:
camera: Canon EOS 60D (18-200mm lens)
audio: built-in
lighting: any available light (natural sunlight, light bulbs lol)
editing: Windows Movie maker

Dread locks

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