Natural Colored Hair – 20,000 leagues under the sea [COLORING MY NATURAL HAIR BLUE!]

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HI MERKINGDOM!! Have a great day!
The final reveal! I’m officially the MerQueen with BLUE hair ! My bleaching process was going all fine and dandy until I went and used a 40 developer with color remover. (I kept it in for more that 20 mins. Smfh) Now I don’t want you to be scared or discouraged about dying your hair from my very stupid mistake. If anything please learn from this. I experiment with my hair so you don’t have to. I would rather mess up my hair and be pissed off about it than see you guys mess up your hair journey. Just continue your tlc to the beautiful crowns on your heads !

1. You can use a developer with color remover but I recommend a 10 developer and leave it on for about 10 mins.

2. I use Aphogee’s protein treatments and balancing moisturizer to keep my curls in check.

3. Im using Manic panic atomic turquoise, shocking blue, Pravana blue and neon blue in my hair. You can buy these off of amazon or go to your local beauty supply store. (for pravana you amy need to hunt for them at salons)

4. I am using pravana this time because I want to keep this color until the summer. Pravana is NOT VEGAN. It is a semi permanent dye but it also has chemicals used by professionals which keeps the color lasting longer.

5. I finally gave in and mixed conditioner into the dye to save more hair dye for future touch ups… it was less of a mess and 1000x easier to clean.

6. I dyed my hair while damp/wet this time to absorb the color better

7. I used my heated conditioning cap to seal the color into my hair. I then rinsed with freezing cold water and I barely have any bleeding in the shower !

If I haven’t answered any of your questions feel free to comment below.

Love you MerMaids, MerMen, & Gender fluid/ Non-Gendered Mer!!
– MerQueenNef Thank You All SO MUCH for getting me to 21K!!! Help me reach my goal ! Mkay?! – MerQueenNef


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Filmed and Edited by myself and the boyfriend 🙂
Geek Info:
camera: Canon EOS 60D (18-200mm lens)
audio: built-in
lighting: any available light (natural sunlight, light bulbs lol)
editing: Adobe Premiere Pro 6

Dread locks

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