My first Brazilian blowout- African American natural hair

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Fairly new hair technique that is supposed to remove over 90% of the frizz from your hair. It lasts up to 12 weeks, where then your hair should return to its natural state. My hair is natural 4a/3c hair. No relaxer. Update- 1/27/2011- Hello all, I am soooo sorry for the delay. I did do another video, but my iphone crashed and I think I lost the video. I need to see if it was backed up. My hair was more manageable. The curls did not revert back. Slightly tighter, but not back to original.

I would only recommend this product for a person who prefers to wear their hair straight. Here it is almost 5 months later and my hair (not new growth) is the same as the day I got the Brazilian Blowout. My natural curl pattern (3c/4a) has not come back. First wash was very easy for me to wash, blow dry, and straighten. Just like stepping out of the salon. My hair grows pretty fast, so by week three, I had a little bit of poof where the new growth was coming in. But ends still look great. After third week, I wanted to wear a natural style. Everyone loved my loose curl. I did too. šŸ™‚ I still do. But now I have about 2inches of new growth with my natural curl and the rest of my hair with this soft curl.

For my purposes I would not go through the process again. I love my natural curl. I was only looking for a temporary process while I was out of the country. Something easy to straighten once a week and not wash every other day. I can still wear my hair natural, but I have to hide my new growth as I now have a loose curly at the ends.

Now, I did love it and it did make my hair more manageable. My hair is still soft. I just wanted it to revert back to my natural state. My hair still does not frizz up. It was done at Atlanta. Let me know if you want the location as I am not sure if I can post that information here.

Update- About 6 months in, my hair did normalize as far as curl pattern.

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