Long Hair, Do Care: The Black Girl’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Growing Long Healthy Hair | Ebook

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For Black Women who want Long Healthy Hair Welcome to the Hairvolution! Many women of color are caught in the struggle to grow the hair theyve always wanted. Long Hair, Do Care (the Black Girl’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Growing Long Healthy Hair) is here to bust the myth that it’s hard for textured hair to swing well beyond the bra strap. The key to success is do CareWhat is that? A fun and fact filled way of learning the science of hair, so the hows and whys of growing it to amazing health and awesome length is easy. Whether youre natural or chemically treated doesnt matter. This cheat sheet will zoom you right past guess work, and get straight to the answers to all of your questions. You are holding the key to success. You will learn exactly how to care for your own, as well as your children’s tresses. Whether a professional, or a hair enthusiast looking to learn more, your skills will be enhanced. Just consistently follow the simple, step by step instructions, and watch for results. Now, no Black girl has to walk through the mazes of Hairytale Land alone. Long Hair, Do Care is a companion book and reference guide. Flip to your area of concern, and get real answers when you need them. Yes, it’s true. Black Girl Magic grows Long Healthy Hair.no more ‘long hair dont carenow theres Do Care!this journey through Hairytale Land will teach you:* How to promote hair growth and diminish breakage * Which tools should be in every Black woman’s hair drawer * How to reverse the effects of medication on your hair* How to grow your children’s hair * Celebrity stylists’ secrets for gaining maximum length* Which foods and vitamins promote long, healthy hair *plusA 12 week worry-free haircare ‘cheat sheet’ schedule*

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