Little Black Girl, Your Hair is Beautiful…

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News Report: Going Natural

Sesame Street: I Love My Hair

(This Sesame Street skit was written by a white man who has daughter that he adopted from Ethiopia . He wrote the song/skit for her after she began questioning her hair and it’s beauty)

Your video requirements
1. 1 – 2 minutes long
2. The young girl, if able, must speak about what she loves about her natural hair, or she could just show of her favorite natural hair style. If you don’t want to show her face on camera, you may cover it. Please make sure that if the young girl is not your child get’s permission from her parents first, before putting her on camera.

3. Attach your video to this video.

4. Attach the video by December 18th, 2010

How to attach a video:
1. Click in the comment box.
2. Next to the comment box, the words “Attach a Video” will pop up. Click it.
3. Choose how you want to attach a video. Follow the steps from there.

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Dread locks

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