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Episode 7
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Part 1: The Style 1:03
Part 2: Before Swimming 3:13
Part 3: After Swimming 4:15
Part 4: Wash Day 5:34
Hello Confident Girls!

So I’ve been wanting to do this video for a LONG time. Last year our family got a membership at our neighborhood pool and I can count on one hand the number of times we went swimming. Why?


Having to wash and detangle and condition and style natural hair after swimming is always a chore. But when you’re trying to retain length by being gentle and thorough it takes twice as long.

This year, I promised myself I would find a swimming/summer routine that would allow them to enjoy everything the sun has to offer–including chlorine and salt water. Because as much as I want them to enjoy long hair I want them to enjoy their childhood, too.

Going to the pool isn’t a problem any more even if they want to swim 2 or 3 times a week–or everyday. I’m ready. And after this, you will be, too. I’ve tested this routine over the past three weeks and it has worked brilliantly.

Ready to pack your natural hair swim bag? Here’s what you’ll need:
Good moisturizing conditioner
Good leave-in conditioner
Men’s (or boy’s) satin wave cap
Silicone swimming cap

Head Scarf

Do you have tried and true techniques to take natural hair in the water? If so, let us know because we’re always up for suggestions.

Enjoy the water!

With Love,
Crystal and Shelly
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