How to stop hair breakage | 10 simple tips!

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Hey GlamFam! todays video is pretty simple, but also fast paced, so if you need me to do some more detailed ” How to stop hair breakage ” videos that are broken down by certain issues, just let me know. Be sure to follow me on IG: @GetGlamFam

**Here are the 2 videos on split ends I told you about:
*The truth about split ends:

*How to tell if you have split ends for natural hair:

In this video I tried to include tips that work for naturally straight hair, wavy hair, relaxed hair, natural hair, women’s hair, and men’s hair, so hopefully this should cover all the bases.

That being said, I probably still need to do a “how to stop hair breakage on relaxed hair” video and a “How to stop hair breakage on natural hair” video, because there are a couple more unique tips for each of those that I have.

I would do a how to stop hair breakage for men, but honestly, that would just be for searchability, as the same tips and techniques work for men as for women.

Hopefully you will find this video helpful and it will help you retain length, and have long, healthy, strong hair! Take care GlamFam, and stay Glam!

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