How to prevent hair breakage – almond oil

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This is the almond oil I use

Almond oil is a new addition to my hair regimen. I learned while researching it that it has a ton of benefits for your hair as well as your skin. in this video i talk about its benefits, including the ability to prevent hair breakage and shedding. Almond oil makes a great moisturizer because it penetrates the hair shaft. Most oils cannot do this and only sit on top of the hair, acting as a sealant. Because almond oil penetrates the hair shaft itself, meaning it can do so much more for your hair, especially natural hair.

Almond oil adds shine to your hair. It is very light and can be used to moisturize your hair itself as well as your scalp. One of the best benefits of avocado oil is that it can help prevent breakage and reduce shedding. Almond oil has lots of fats which help to make your hair stronger and healthier. The fatty acids in the oil make your hair more elastic and less vulnerable to damage, shedding, and breakage. Hair breakage usually occurs due to damage to the hair cuticle. Almond oil smooths the hair cuticle, sealing in moisture and strengthening the hair itself. Because it smooths the cuticle itself, almond oil is also a great way to reduce frizz. Smoothing the cuticle and making it stronger means here will be less damage when the hairs rub against one another. Almond oil helps keep the cuticle closed, preventing frizz and giving your hair added shine.

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