How to Naturally Color/lighten your Hair!!!

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Please read below for ANSWERS to FAQ’s =)

See a lil clip of how I color my “Real” hair with this mixture here: (5:43 Mark)

1) Is it safe for relaxed hair or any hair type?
Yes, I am relaxed. I have done this so MANY times! its’s safe, at least for my hair it is!

2) Do I need honey?

3) Do I need baking soda?
No, you don’t NEED it. It’s only used to “thicken” up the mixture but, It’s def easier for “me” to apply it this way.

3) If I don’t need honey then why use it?
Yes you really don’t NEED it. That is, the hair will still lighten without it. HOWEVER, it helps lighten it up a bit more & adds a bit of moisture back into the hair.

4) Do I need peroxide?
YES! This is what actually lightens the hair!

5) Where can I buy the hydrogen Peroxide?
Walmart, Target, walgreens etc…

6) Is this permanent or semi-permanent / wash out?
Permanent…until your hair grows out ofcourse!

7) I just dyed my hair, Can I still use this mixture and Will it work?
it depends on the dye you used. To be sure, do a “test strand”

8) My hair is so & so color. After this application, what color will my hair be?
Do a “test strand” That is, make a lil mixture to apply to a bitty section of your hair.

9) How long should I leave it on?

10) Why does my hair feel dry afterwards?


Hope this helps. Any other questions post below =)

**************************PRODUCTS USED********************************

3% Hydrogen Peroxide
Baking soda
Pure honey
Aluminum Foil OR shower cap if applying this to your whole head!
Mixing bowl

Make your own U-Part Wig

Where are you from? Ghana!


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