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Hi Subbies and Friends,

I am sharing my latest hair wash regimen. I am still using bentonite clay to cleanse my hair. My mud wash consisted of bentonite clay, water and aloe juice. I love this mix because it makes my curls pop and I do not have to use a rinse-out conditioner or deep-condition. I am always looking for ways to reduce my hair maintenance time.

I have been doing these mud washes about once a month, but I could so do it more. I love what it does to my hair. It detoxifies and balances my hair cuticle. I let the mud sit on my hair for about twenty minutes; then I rinse it out in the shower. And whaaalaa my hair is cleansed and conditioned all at the same time.

As I wait on the mud to work, I create my leave-in conditioner which is based on the kimmaytube method.


-Giovanni Direct Leave-In
-Aloe Juice (bring the pH down)
-Oils: Castor, Olive, Grapeseed, Coconut

After I am done making and mixing my leave-in conditioner, I section my hair into chunky twist. When my hair is all set and moisturized, I place the leave-in conditioner into the refrigerator until I need to use it again. I place the mix into the refrigerator because the aloe does not contain preservatives and will rot if left outside the refrigerator.


Okay, I accidentally found an easy way to get a full, fluffy twist-out. After I moisturized my hair, I did not let the two-strand twist dry completely. I became impatient and removed the twist on damp hair. I left the twist alone for about fifteen to twenty minutes and my hair fluffed up. I ended up with a fabulous, fluffy twist-out. I was so pleased. However, As the day went on my hair just continued to shrink. My hair became the size of a TWA, unfortunately I have no pics of my small Afro. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this quick hairstyle.

Thanks for watching (:

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