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Episode 3: February 13, 2013
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Hello Confident Girls!

In today’s episode, Crystal will begin her moisturizing series by showing you how to quickly make an inexpensive shea butter mix great for sealing in moisture in natural hair. For best results, always use this mixture on wet or damp hair. You can use this on freshly washed hair or on hair that has been misted with water from a spray bottle.

What you’ll need:
Raw White Shea Butter
Olive Oil (light or extra virgin)
A Plastic Jar

1.Loosely fill your jar with the shea butter by spooning it in. Don’t overfill or there won’t be room for the olive oil!
2. Cover the jar and let the shea butter sit in a sink of hot tap water.
3. Let it sit for several minutes, occasionally mixing the melted shea butter with the solid shea butter.
4. Return the jar to the sink and repeat step 3 until the shea butter is completely melted.
5. Pour in an equal amount of olive oil and stir.
6. Cover the jar and let it sit out for a few hours so that it can firm up.

Where to get Shea Butter?
Do a google search for whole sale shea butter OR look in natural or African markets in your area.

With Love,
Crystal and Shelly
Confident Girls Beautiful Curls

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