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How to Grow Baby’s Hair ? What to do about my baby’s hair loss at the back of the hair and also Should I cut my baby’s hair? On my last Facebook Live Chat, I was asked these question: In this video, I answer both question.
Here is what you can use to grow baby’s hair.
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When to do baby’s first haircut is truly up to you.
It is not necessary to cut the hair, unless for religious purpose. This is an excerpt from a website regarding why Muslims and other religions like those practicing Hindu cut their baby’s hair. “After seven days the baby’s head is shaved (a tradition also carried out by Hindus). This is to show that the child is the servant of Allah. Although Hindus may take the baby’s hair to India and scatter it in the holy river Ganges, Muslims weigh it and give the equivalent weight in silver to charity.”

For those cutting hair for growth purpose, it is not necessary since hair is always growing and the rate varies form one baby to the next. Hair from the womb is not “bad” .. you don’t see other cultures like Caucasians shaving their baby’s hair. i never did for my kids.

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