Hair Tutorial: Double Rope Bun Updo

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Hello my beauty muffins! Read dis right chea:

This is the step by step how-to on how I achieved an up-do I posted to instagram a few months back. Now I know this video is really long but I wanted to make sure I covered everything so you guys have all the teeees. The first portion explains everything I used and some tips to ensure you can replicate the style with no problems! I am super excited to finally post this after trying to get it up for ages!!!! Yes! Victory is minnne!!! *evil maniacal laughter* Listed below is a written list of all the tools/products I used to achieve this style. Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching! Comment below with any questions.

Risse out.


-Water bottle and/or leave-in spray
-Rat tail comb (for parting the hair)
-Flat brush (for laying down the hair)
-Gel or styling pomade (something with hold)
-Silk/Satin scarf
-Bobby pins or Hair pins
-(4) Hair ties
-(2) Mini black rubber bands
-(2) packs 100% Kanekalon Braiding Hair (Marley braiding hair can also be used)
*Third pack for color if you please

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2) Get Lucky / Suit and Tie – Daft Punk feat. Justin Timberlake (Soundcloud)

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