(Hair Talk) growth & breakage of crown (vertex) area.

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This video is not about balding or shedding. It is about breakage. If you want to go more indepth about shedding I have a video for that.

I have been going through this hair care journey for almost 2 year in March. The one issue I have is my crown area and the breakage. It is my Achilles’ heel….ugh….. but I will not be defeated by my past mistakes… I have found 3 major mistakes, that prevented growth for me.

1. lack of conditioning
2. improper detangling practices
3. lack of trimming in that area

I’m not perfect and my hair needs a lot of work but that’s OK. Why, because I have all the time in the world to master my hair care… and so do you. Don’t stress over what has happen to the your hair and its current state but focus more on how to fix and prevent…

hope this answer some of your questions…

Dread locks

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