Black Women want Goldie Locks? Really Bad Weaves!

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Im tired of being sick AND tired of black women wearing trifling weaves and wigs. Do you have low self esteem? Do you want white womens hair? I hate when I see a black women with a weave and her sides Kinky. Thats looks trifling…. get it together!
This epidemic of weaves and fake hair, fake everything has got to stop! It’s just gon we to far! Do your own hair! Wear your own texture hair. Stop being a replica of other cultures and stand for yours.

It’s obvious its some type of self hate going around in the AA/Black/Negro/Nekros/Colored community. It looks ridiculous when you have a long weave in and your sides look like hamburger dried up meat that’s been left out for days maybe even months,and on top of that it STINKS WITH A FUNKY STENCH.

Wearing a weave is not cute nor sexy. You look like a fool. Just a plain ol fool.A straight product of mind control, and slavery in 2013 walking around with dead hair on your head that’s not even close to your texture hair. SMH. Such a shame.

Dread locks

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