Black Girls Wearing Weave is Self-Hate!?

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Hey guys! I wanted to address one thing in the description. I realize that I talked about this topic without even explaining what self-hate actually is. I noticed that I kept saying “hate myself” or “hate yourself” without explaining the implications behind the phrase. Self-hate, or as I was saying “Hating yourself”, is basically feeling bad about being black. Or it can be explained as thinking European attributes are more beautiful or acceptable than African attributes. So when I say “hate myself/yourself” what I mean is Hate the black qualities and would prefer to be more like a white person. Sorry if this was unclear or ill-explained in the video.

The Weave Connection’s Video:

Make sure to leave a comment. Do you think it’s wrong for black women to wear weave? And if so, is it wrong for other ethnicities to wear it as well??? Let me know! Much love to you all.

Dread locks

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