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************PLEASE READ********** the comments before you decide to chime in. I didnt want to be all whack and disable the comments but i wont stand for people getting out of hand. If you dont like this video dont watch, click off. I understand that people will disagree and that is cool. There will be a response video to this video coming up where I will address the comments. PLEASE do not put words in my mouth! I did not say anything about blond weave or light skin vs dark skin or short hair. If you feel some kinda way, if you think all black chicks with long hair have weaves… then that is telling you something about you .I stand by my opinion. I find this constant “look” for black women to be very offensive and this is my sound off about it. dont like it? too bad. This is not how black American women look, and it does not represent Us! Models like this represent whatever region of the the world they are from which is Not America. Dont use these women to be the face of black American women, i find it offensive! These models are not American They do not represent black american women thats just a fact. dont like it? too bad. I want Black American models! Ones I can relate to! I didnt say anything about skin tone or hair type or eye color so dont imply it. Also i have every right to find a person or something unattractive. Im Human! Shoot I dont like Yogurt does that mean I am a evil person? I dont find red head males attractive but that does not mean I am racist? NO so.. dont come on here with some Miss USA beauty pageant answer talking about all women are beautiful when you KNOW you dont live that life! Nobody finds all of everyone and everything attractive so please respect other peoples opinions, Also please remember i am talking about Glamour And Allure Magazine! There is NOTHING glam about looking like a man! You can not argue me and tell me the black models were just as glam as the other ones! They were busted and assed out and it makes me mad because it happens ALL the time! Mind you if it was some sorta international natural beauty magazine i would not be complaining about this so please think before you write or get nasty.
Are black women really ugly or nearly as ugly as mass media makes us appear to be? Do you think this is done on purpose? what do you all think about the type of black women that are featured in magazines and on TV. I think they all either are looking like beyonce or Alex Wek and i DONT LIKE IT! I dont think us black women get a fair representation of beauty. Most of us look nothing like either. I also think they dont cater to black american women when americans are the ones buying american products. let me know what you think, Rate comment SUB its FREE!
Makeup on my face:
Avon smooth minerals foundation in Nutmeg + covergirl queen collection foundation in Amber glow + ELF Studio translucent powder
On the cheeks: sinful colors blush in Sha Sha pink
Lips: Jordana quick liner in 02 Town brown + Wetnwild Lipstick in Dollhouse Pink
Eyes: Nicka K eye light crayon in purple (used as a base) Elf limited edition trio in Night (2 colors of purple used on the lid, and the gold used on the inner corner) NK HD shadow (in a brown color used to blend) and Claires cosmetica eyeshadow palette (a glittery black color used and a white frosty highlight)!/deployment_code=51693899mlbyja New Work by Dr. Steven Greer. Check that out! Especially if you love Coast 2 Coast Am, George Noory, Bashar Darryl Anka, Abraham and Esther Hicks, Adonis, Ancient Aliens, UFO Hunters and all that Kinda stuff!!!

Dread locks

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