Are BLACK MEN Obsessed With Hair? Why?

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My Thoughts: ** Every couple of Months I Have To Talk About Hair As Black Men are OBSESSED!!!!

1. Why Are Black Men so Obsessed? Before creating this channel I never knew this obsession existed

2. The most common comment I receive on this channel is “He I like your natural hair better, ONLY stated by Black Men.

3. I received one comment concerning my hair when I wasn’t on a live video. From a Hispanic Man when wearing one of my wigs.

4. What is said online is not practice in reality.

5. I have never been approached when wearing my natural hair.

6. I was complimented on my “Natural Hair” once when in braids from a married cop, who later tried to get my phone number. (Apparently he was married, I saw him at a skating rink across town a month or so later with a wedding band on?)

7. On My Video I will link to the end of this video, I said Black Men were the first one’s to relax their hair and no one believed me.

8. Ladies do you notice that Black Men are obsessed with “YOUR” hair?

9. There is only one hairstyle I don’t like on Black Men and that is Braid, and in some cases Dreads only when unkept.

10. I remember a few years back Black Men were obsessed with wearing “Braids” , some wanted to prove that their hair could be longer than the woman they saw wearing wigs and weaves.

11. During the start of the “Natural Hair” Movement for Black Woman, The first Natural Hair Movement were Black Men.
**Black Woman right her on YT showed Black Men that we are not hair deficient or inept at growing our Natural Hair.

12. There is a popular YT couple named Today With Tray, he is White She is Black. He seems to love Keisha’s hair however she feels comfortable. She never wears her Natural Hair.

13. I was once called a Dyke a month back by a Black Man that visited my video about Nicki Minaj’s brother. ( I was rocking my Natural Hair in Twists, all the woman complimented that style.

14. Why do Black Men “POLICE” Black Woman’s hair. Seems some will search through all of my video’s to find my natural hair and then respond with the same tired response.

15. Only one thing will make me stop wearing “Wigs” in Particular, one Day I can’t wait to get Sew In’s

Dread locks

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