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Improper use of relaxers can cause our hair to become very thin and lifeless. Here are some Relaxed Hair tips to help you maintain the thickness and integrity of your hair during the relaxer process.
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Relaxing your hair gives a straight look already, so come up with heatless ways to wear your hair to prevent breakage. Heat depletes the hair of moisture that it really needs to thrive. Too much heat can make the cuticle (which protects the hair) to crack and cause split ends.

Texlaxing is adding oils or conditioner to your relaxer to decrease its strength. The benefit of texlaxing is that you’re not taking away all of your hair’s natural strength. We aren’t actually suppose to relax our hair bone straight because this makes our hair weak. For a bone straight look, use heat sparingly. Hair is only supposed to be straightened to 80% or less of the hair’s texture. Meaning that if 20 minutes of a relaxer application gives you a bone straight look, reduce it to 16 minutes or less.

Relaxers really strip the hair of its natural strength (protein). So as a relaxed head, you have to use protein to rebuild the hair. Use a light protein treatment every 1-2 weeks and an intense protein treatment every 1-2 months and after every relaxer.

During the relaxer process, make sure that you protect your ends (everything but your new growth) with an oil, conditioner, and/or petroleum. When rinsing the relaxer out, the relaxer glides down the hair shaft and can reprocess your ends. It will not have as strong of an effect like the relaxer applied to your new growth, but overtime, it can make your ends brittle, weak, and thin. So make sure that you are protecting not only your nape, forehead, ears, and neck, but also the hair that has been previously relaxed.

It’s impossible to not overlap the relaxer a little bit. And overlapping the relaxer unto previously relaxed hair makes that particular spot weak. So stretching your relaxer will improve the strength of your hair because you’re not constantly exposing the hair fiber to the relaxer, which breaks down our hair’s proteins.
DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional. The information presented in this video is based solely on personal research. Please feel free to do your own research to get clarity on the subject at hand.

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