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🔴 6 Reasons your hair may be breaking off.

In this video, I explain why I think I have been having so much breakage. As mentioned in the video my tips to avoid breakage are from my personal experience.

1. Stretching the hair past 8 weeks. You must maintain the new
growth soft and manageable

2. Avoid using products that can dry out your hair for example
the Lattabody concentrated setting lotion.

3. Maintain the new growth soft and moisturize during the
stretching period.

4. Avoid roller setting every night because that can cause stress
on the hair especially if it’s to tight.

5. Avoid to much manipulating the hair or hairstyles that cause
tension and stress on the hair when you are stretching your relaxer.

6. Avoid to much hair brushing with hard bristle brush. Use a soft
brush and don’t brush to much.

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