5-31-17 “How to be a 21st century “A look at some major issues facing black women today!”

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“How to be a 21st century
Black Woman? A deeper look at some major issues facing black women today!”


HIV and AIDS statistics in the black community are startling. What role do you think this “threat” is playing?

How many black women are prepared for retirement?

True Or False?
Black Women should add this question to their Relationship qualifier applicaation, “Seriuosly Are you Gay?

Why are black women consistently rendered invisible?

How Does the Black Woman’s beliefs around manogamy impact intergenerational black wealth?

How many black women are overwhelmed with credit card or student loan debt, or both?

What is the difference between arrogance and confidence, and why is this important for black women to know the difference in relationship building?

Ladies Have you ever used the terms #teamlightskin or #teamdarkskin or called a brother unattractive or ugly because of his skin shade?

Is it necessary to keep praying for a spouse year after year?

What is true kindness, and why is this important for sisters to know this in relationship building?

True Or False?
Dating as a Black Woman Means No Small Talk?

What exactly is “healthcare stereotype threat?”
A healthcare stereotype threat is when individuals with stigmatized identities – be it about race, socioeconomic status, gender, age, sexual orientation and even weight or maternal age – worry about being judged by, or confirming, a widely believed stereotype in healthcare settings, causing even greater anxiety than is commonly experienced in medical settings, affecting their experiences with healthcare providers.

What does it mean that I keep dating the wrong people?

What is intimacy, and is it important in building relationships?

What are the strengths/weaknesses of your personality type?

True or False?
According to Forbes black women are the fastest growing branch of entrepreneurs in America? How does this stat effect their relationship goals?

True Or False?Color Me Bad? Scientist Calls Negative Stereotypes a ‘Threat’ to Black Health?

True Or False?
As a black woman my pre-screening of potential partners must be spearheaded by questions involving race?

True or False?
Black women are dying from PREVENTABLE diseases, social ills, and causes. Heart disease, obesity, hypertension, HIV/Aids, diabetes, and physical violence are all preventable?

Do you have a problem with natural hair, permed hair, weaves, braids or any other black hairstyle?

What kind of relationship do you seek?

What does “manhood” and “womanhood” mean to you?

True Or False?
Sometimes Sisters are emotionally and mentally ready for committed relationships. Oftentimes, they are not. When it comes to men, they will infrequently lie about what they are looking for?

How many black women regardless of educational and employment status are living paycheck to paycheck?

True or False?
Of the black women earning undergraduate and advanced degrees, too many are in the same field of the humanities: education, history, sociology, or law. We need more sisters earning degrees in science, math, computer science, engineering, or business?

True or False?
Black women are suffering from stress, mental exhaustion, spiritual loss, depression, low self-esteem, and self doubt?

How many black women own their own home or will even have the opportunity to consider buying a home?

Do African American women have more problems dating outside of their race?

You have said public health campaigns often reinforce negative stereotypes. How can high-risk groups be educated without stereotyping?

True or False?
Are criminalized early in school. For example, in New York City, black girls made up 28% of the student body population during the 2011-2012 school year, but were 90% of all girls expelled that year from the city’s schools, according to the “Black Girls Matter” report by the African American Policy Forum. Similarly, black girls made up 35% of Boston’s public school population that same year, but accounted for 63% of all girls expelled?

How many black women are in the financial position to care for a sick and aging parent or relative?

True or False?
African American women are earning college degrees, but there are still way too many black girls and women without high school diplomas?

True or False?
How does that black woman get help in a society that has the ideal that African American women are indestructible Superwomen, expected to move heaven and earth to solve every problem?

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