20 Tips | Grow Your Hair Faster, Healthier, and Longer

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Here are 20 of the best tips that I have used consistently that have helped me to grow my hair faster, stronger, longer, and healthier. This tips also helped me to grow out my hair breakage.

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Why Do You Relax Your Hair Every Month?

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My Weekly Hair Regimen [Detailed Blow Dry & Flat Iron]

1. Protective hairstyles (hairstyles that allow you to go days or a week or more without constant manipulation)
2. Keep your hair clean (shampoo weekly)
3. Deep condition weekly
4. Workout (or walk at least 30 minutes 3 or 4 days per week then touch your toes when you’re done kinda like the inversion method)
5. Drink more water
6. Always use a leave-in conditioner
7. Use heat protector when using heated hair tools (blow dryer, flat iron, curler, etc)
8. Wrap hair at night if relaxed (or satin/silk bonnet or pillowcase)
9. Keep your hair trimmed (to prevent split ends)
10. Do a hot oil treatment at least once per month
11. Use a comb attachment with your blow dryer (to get sleeker results)
12. Keep your hair moisturized (leave-in conditioner, hair moisturizer, hair lotion, etc)
13. Seal the moisture in with an oil
14. Use a wide tooth comb
15. Use ecostyler gel
16. Figure out what products work best with your hair
17. Use a protein treatment
18. Stretch your relaxer at your personal preference (this will take trial and error)
19. Scalp massage
20. Patience (allow at least 6+ months to start seeing results)

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