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blackhairweaveAt one point in time the only women who wore hair weaves – or could afford to – were celebrities. It was completely hushed up back then that the hair on these stars’ heads wasn’t their real hair.

However, things have certainly changed! These days, many women try out various hair additions in all different textures, colors and lengths. Other than just being a way of adding volume and inches to your hair style, hair weaves are now a way of introducing additional stylistic variety. There are also some other useful benefits that can be derived from wearing a hair weave. They include the following:

1. Low Maintenance

You might not have lots of time to spend on hair styling and are searching for a low-maintenance option that doesn’t involve cutting your hair short. Wearing a hair weave makes it possible for you to quickly style your hair, which is ideal for those mornings when you are in a rush. Synthetic hair is already pre-styled. The only thing you need to do is fluff up a bit and you are good to go. More versatility is offered by human hair weaves compared to synthetics. However, they are still usually easy to take care of.

Another thing that weaves are good for is vacation hair. You can relax and enjoy your vacation without having to spend your valuable time on styling your hair.

2. Protects Your Natural Hair

When it comes to sewn-in hair weaves, typically hair is braided close to your scalp. Then the extension hair gets added in the form of wefts. This results in the extension hair taking on most of the wear-and-tear on a daily basis, which protects your natural hair from styling practices and the elements. Your natural hair won’t be subjected to heat from hot rollers, flat irons, curling irons or blow dryers. Cotton pillowcases and harsh weather also won’t affect it. Your natural hair will be fully protected from all of the outside influences and routines that can result in your hair slowly drying out and developing split ends. It is a protective style that is good for your hair and provides proper care while you are wearing it.

3. Short Time Commitment

Hair waives are designed to only be worn for short periods of time, ranging from a single day up to a few months, unlike getting a haircut, where you need to wait for it to grow out. If you end up not really liking the way your weave style looks, you can ask your stylist to either remove or change. You aren’t stuck having the same weave for the rest of your life. They are ideal for women who love changing their hair style frequently.

4. Allows You To Experiment

Would you like to try out a very short cut without needing to cut off your long tresses? How about seeing how natural kinky locks would look on you? Would you like to try out a new hair color? Hair weaves all you do all that and much more!

You now have the ability to experiment with your hair color without needing to worry about damaging your own hair. That can be particularly helpful for women needing to be careful about the kinds of chemicals they put into their hair. For black hair, platinum blonde is an especially harsh shade. That is why it is so beneficial to have the ability to weave it in and keep you hair protected while you are exploring why blondes seem to have more fun.

This benefit of being able to experiment also works great for natural-haired women wanting to try out a straight look without having to use relaxers or heat.

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