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This video is a must see. Many women are being lied to about things like hair weaves and very few people will tell the TRUTH. This video addresses this subject in a unique, bold and brutally Honest way. We discuss hair weaves, wigs, hair hats and other issues pertaining to fake hair. The images speak for themselves and help to expose a truth that many people willfully choose to ignore or to sweep under the rug. Because of the disengenuous nature of political correctness nobody likes to tell the truth and people are accustomed to being lied to. My wife has naturally long, flowing, naturally straight hair and I find it attractive on her. But the truth of the matter is that a beautiful woman like her will be beautiful regardless of what is on her head. And an unattractive woman will not suddenly become attractive or beautiful regardless of what she may put on her head. I want to help dispel the ideal that superficial things like race, skin color or hair are the defining elements of beauty. Dread locks
I just want to elaborate on 5 steps that I use to have healthy thick long hair. This video is for all hair types…enjoy Dread locks
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This is a blog to show how to grow long healthy hair. My the end of this blog your hair will be supper long. If you have any question or concerns follow me on twitter @sommertimez or shot me an email Results may very!!! do not except results or night, like everything with time and patience your hair will grow 🙂 Dread locks
Subscribe Now: Watch More: Certain braiding styles naturally lend themselves for use with an existing hair weave. Find out about braiding styles that go great with a hair weave with help from a New York City born and raised hair and makeup artist in this free video clip. Expert: T. Cooper Filmmaker: Victor Varnado Series Description: Your natural hair type always needs to play a very important role in deciding how to both style and take care of your hair. Get hair styling tips that you can use each and every day with help from a New York City born and raised hair and makeup artist in this free video series. Dread locks
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So many of you guys requested that I do an updated natural hair care routine so here it is! Some days I do not do braid outs. I will just leave it naturally curly and put it in a bun etc… But lately I have been doing a ton of braid outs and bantu knot outs. I co wash my hair daily in the summer and that keeps it moisturized and healthy! Thanks for watching my natural hair care routine. If you enjoyed this video please give me a thumbs up and share it! Subscribe for more videos! Comment below what you want to see next! THUMBS UP FOR MORE HAIR VIDEOS! SUBSCRIBE HERE- Products Used Kiss Blow Dryer- Arvazallia Deep Conditioner- Pick- Shine Serum- Related Natural Hair Videos NATURAL HAIR JOURNEY- Natural Hair Do’s and Don’ts Hair Growth Tips 2016- Follow me Here Instagram- @maryamjhampton Twitter- @maryamjhampton Snapchat- @maryamjhampton Facebook- Maryam Hampton Related to this video How to grow your hair, tips for hair growth, Curly hair routine, Natural Hair routine, Hair care routine, hacks for long hair, How to grow long natural hair, long natural hair, grow hair faster, hair growth tips, natural hair, hair care routine, natural hair, hair routine for natural hair Dread locks