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TO MAKE A DONATION. Click this link here: TO MAKE A DONATION. Click this link here: Dread locks Your hair will be left stronger and healthier with less chance of breakage and split ends. The infusion of olive oil , anti-breakage formula with shea butter and coconut nourish the hair from root to tip and strengthen the hair follicle. Tips for applying to new growth only; # 1 ALWAYS research the best Vitale Relaxer for your hair texture I would recommend using Vitale sensitive scalp relaxer for thin, and normal hair and Vitale Regular for course hair #2 NEVER, NEVER, NEVER , comb, scratch or disturb the scalp or edges of hair before relaxing, this will cause severe burning before you can apply to entire head. #3 Use protective gloves to apply relaxer, base hairline with Vaseline and use a rat tail comb to section hair and apply chemical to new growth #4Rinse chemical out for at least 5mins before applying neutralizing shampoo. follow with a second wash of a conditioning shampoo, rinse and apply conditioner from roots to ends. rinse. blow dry or sit under hair dryer and style. Dread locks
Sleek Low Bun Tutorial- This is my easy doughnut topknot bun tutorial, no weave, no donut maker and no sock. I used IC fantasia styling aloe gel to smoothed my edges. This is the best protective style for my hair that helps retain a lot length Instagram- ALL HAIR VLOGS- Hair regimen- Dread locks
Wigmaking 101 | How to Dye Your Weave Dark Red *PLEASE READ* Connect With Me: Instagram: AllThingsTonia Facebook: AllThingsTonia Click here to subscribe! Hi Guys! In this youtube video I’m going to show to dye your weave red. A deep red color. Please note that this is not my natural hair. This is a full wig with a lace closure that I made. Below is a detailed list of the products you will see used in this video For Highlights: Salon Care Prism Lites Lightener Violet Salon Care 30 volume cream developer For Bleaching: Clairol Professional Basic White Lightener Salon Care 30 volume cream developer For Coloring: L’OREAL Excellence HiColor Permanent Hair Color (H23 Black Plum) L’OREAL 30 volume cream developer I used one container of color to dye 2 bundles and a lace closure. The hair shown in the video is from Annabelle Hair on aliexpress. Ali Annabelle Brazilian Straight Bundles Ali Annabelle Brazilian Straight Lace Closure Like my makeup? Check out my full makeup tutorial on this look Looking for more awesome hair tutorials? Check out some of my other videos How to dye your weave Jet Black Wigmaking 101 | How to Prep Your Lace Closure Wigmaking 101 | How to Make A Full Wig With A Lace Closure Wig Making 101| Flawless Full Wig w/ Lace Closure Install I have a full Aliexpress Hair Review on this hair Camera: Canon t3i Editing: imovie *All products shown in this video were purchased with my own money Dread locks
Bienvenidos Muses!!! New Video showing I got this half up half down ponytail for short hair!! ♥ Follow Me Everywhere ♥ Instagram: MonicaStyleMuse Twitter: MonicaStyleMuse ♥ ♥ MGMT/BUSINESS- ♥ ♥ Be Sure to Follow: @BigChopHair FTC: Not Sponsored!! Dread locks
Facebook Fan page : BLOG! : Criss Cross Wrap on my OWN Hair ! ( Dramatically Reduce breakage ) I find the criss cross wrap Method to be more effective in retaining more length because it reduces the the need for too much combing and brushing of the hair which can result in alot of breakage! you don’t want that. i do the most when a few weeks post relaxed because it is harder try to get the hair down flat to do the wrap with the traditional wrap method. if you are a few weeks in the post relaxed phase this method will be conducive to retaining alot of length. i do use the traditional wrap method when I’m newly relaxed (only with a large tooth comb and paddle brush and GENTLE. please leave a comment for any question you might have. Thumbs UP if you wnat to see a lenght CHECK video. hairStylings101 Dread locks
My First Hair Update: Hair Products I Use♡ Miss Jessies Baby Buttermilk: Miss Jessies Curly Pudding: Proclaim Olive Oil: Couture Weave Boutique Website♡ Insta♡ Booking♡ (323) 525-0707 Location♡ 5872 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019 Huge thanks to Tangela for allowing me to film in her salon, take a peek at her process, and for sharing her beautiful story. If you are in the L.A. area and want a black hair salon that’s old school meets new school, this is it! INSTAGRAM♡ @miles_jai FACEBOOK♡ TUMBLR♡ TWITTER♡ SNAPCHAT♡ milesjai OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNELS: ♡Music♡ Saint Duck x Future Otaku – Y u u n ムーン Fukai Mori (smooth Hip Hop instrumental remix) lol ES_Family Adventure 2 – Jon Björk Dread locks
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